Saturday, March 21, 2009

Momma's Boys - posted by Momma

Today Ian went for his medical examination. (And for my colleagues I use the term loosely)

On the way home Dad and Ian had some Bonding Time.

He has this infectious laugh - much like Sam's smile. His voice is deep and raspy - very cute - and even cuter when he laughs, which he has done alot today.

He are Carson are enjoying one another very much. They definitely have the same interests. Any thing that is gross, obnoxious, destructive, violent, blows up, or makes loud noise is Tre~ cool!

They took a break by this statue to pose for any passing chicks who were cruising for handsome Americans. They had MANY takers.

Mom (finally) bought swords for them and they had a sword fight on the outdoor stage of a nearby park. The lady in the store emphatically assured me in very broken engllish that the swords "cannot kill - are vewy, vewy safe for young boy.

I'm certain she hasn't met MY boys.

Afterwards, Ian and I impressed one another with our cartwheels. I did a perfect 7.8 to demonstrate and teach him. He did 2 perfect 10s in a row to demonstrate that he needed no demonstration. He is very athletic. Grandma Jones finally has her basketball player.

After all of this activity, it was time for lunch. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Ian can eat Sam under the table any day. Dad was in culinary heaven at our favorite restaraunt in Guangzhou - Lucy's. Lucy's makes an authentic American hamburger that rivals Memphis' Huey burger. After a week of new culinary experiences, a good ole fashioned cheeseburger and onion rings really hits the spot. Carson also ordered a hamburger, but left half of it uneaten and dove into Ian's plate of Malaysian Fried rice with Chicken on a stick and fried egg on top. Bob didn't speak - just savored his onion rings.

After a long exciting day - it was time to head back to the hotel for an english movie with chinese subtitles, or is it a chinese movie with english subtitles - not sure whose turn it is - hard to keep up.


  1. great photos, they look so happy , and you got the battery FINALLY...


  2. Carson & family, This is a very cool blog! One of your friends shared the address with me through the yahoo group AOK-China-2. We just returned home with our son who is 13 and he was abandoned when he was 5. Our website is if you want to see us. My last name was Hall before I got married. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your trip and I know Ian will be very happy with his new family.

    Carmi Hall Henderson

  3. I love to see Ian's smile! Is he sleeping better?