Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Guangzhou is a city in Guangdong province. It is at the same level on the earth as Cuba, which is below Florida. The weather is HOT! We went to many different shops that all looked the same after you went in them. There are buddhas and bells and many different religions.

I went to Lucy's, which is a bar and cafe' and ate malaysian rice with a sunny-side-up egg on top and chicken on a stick with tons of pepper. Yummy! Malaysian. There, when I was eating I met a kid from California named Brandon. We played badmitton with my new badmitton set. It was a great deal - 40 yuan, which is about 7 US bucks. Everybody plays badmitton here. It's my new favorite sport. I've played with Ping, our guide, Ian, Mom, Hong Di, and, of course, Bob.

Do you know the Backyardigans? It's a TV show for little kids, but anyway, there was a whole set of the characters for sale. The person that was working there came up to us and said, "This means 'happy family' - I give you good deal - besta price!" But really it means, "THE BACKYARDIGANS"

Also, speaking about shows and all that, do you know the hover 'round song? Well, the little chinese boy, Ian, is singing it - "you can go go go in your hover-round. indoors, outdoors, all over town" over and over again.

Also we met a girl named Gift. She was adopted from Nigeria. She is very shy. Her sister, Ivy, was adopted from China too.

We went to the US consulate in Guangzhou. We had to go up many, many, many escalators. Up across, down, up across, down, up across, down until we finally got to the adoption swearing in room. Mom and Bob stood up and raised their right hands and swore that everything in their paperwork was true. Then the adoption was finally finished. Ian is my brother now and I am proud to say it.

Ian is fun to play with. When we get home we are going to share a room with bunk beds. I'm also going to have to play with my little sister too instead of being with Ian all the time, but it'll work out. Can't wait to get home. See ya!

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    Ian can go go go in his hoveround