Thursday, March 19, 2009


We woke up today at 3:00 in the morning. I got bored because I was wanting to go get Ian.Finally at 9:00 it was time to go. Our driver, Mr Mark, and our translator, Samantha, picked us up and took us to the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Center. Mom was crying because she was putting on make-up and asked me, "would you want This (points to self) for a momma?" I said, "you told me when I was little, mom, .....Don't judge people by how they look - but by how they act. " Maybe I hurt mom's feelings. Maybe no.

We met Ping, our guide. (Ian likes her alot. He has a crush on her.) I have to admit - I do too!

We went upstairs and mom and Bob did paperwork. Ian came in a few minutes later. He was wearing a GUTS jacket. He was wearing 7 layers of clothes. He wore pyjamas, a vest, a sweater, a shirt, a jacket, and pants and shoes and socks. He had a backpack and a lunchbox.

I thought, "Yay! Ian is here! I wanted to play with him."

Mom had the Klenke boo-hoos. Ian was scared of her.

I don't remember what Bob did.

I gave Ian a Power Rangers Watch. He liked it becuase every few minutes he checked the time.

Later we took Ian on his first boat ride. I got to paddle the boat!

That night Ian woke up crying. Mom called her friend, Wenli, who speaks chinese. He told her he missed his friends and nannies. She made him feel much better and he went to sleep. It was a really good Gotcha Day!