Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comin' soon!


It's 4 am and we are ready to go!!!!

We flew to Atlanta and enjoyed our last American Meal. I had eggs, sausage and mom stole my hashbrowns and 5 pieces of toast. Yummy!! as good.

Then a 14 hour flight to Shanghai. The flight was long and boring and bad. It was hard to stay awake and hard to sleep. There were games on a flat screen TV on the back of the seat in front of me. It was fun to play the spaceship game and cards. I watched Eagle Eye and Traitor.

We flew over the North Pole. Mom looked for Santa; I saw penguins. I took a picture. then we few over Siberia and Harbin, China. In Siberia, there was no population. Everything was frozen, even the rivers were frozen solid. You could walk across a lake if you wanted, but you would freeze and die before you got across.

Yahoo! We're finally flying over China. we're landing!!! I took my first breath of Chinese air. So did mom. Bob didn't though. It was like all the other breaths to me, but mom made hers last a long time, and said, "Ohhhhh it's good to be back in China again."

At first we didn't see Malcolm. After we got our luggage, we saw another American man - it was Malcolm! We made a pitstop at KFC! and I ate popcorn chicken - it's very spicy in China. I went through 2 bottles of water to eat 5 pieces of chicken. We drove 3 hours to Xiaoshan and I fell asleep. At last we arrived at our hotel.

Don't forget to see the National Geographic pix of the day!

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