Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ian is sick

We are in Guangzhou. It is better than Beijing by a long shot. (Mom says - "you've never been to Beijing" Carson says - "I've flown over it, mom!")
Ian has a fever. I think he is sick. I told Solomon I was worried. He is sleeping with his eyes open. I want to play with him really bad. I don't think I'll play with him until we get home. Do you think that? Answer below.
Mom and I are going to see Guangzhou with Connie, our guide, today. (We miss you Ping) I asked Bob to take good care of Ian while I am gone. I told Bob, "I'm countin on you buddy."


  1. We hope he feels better soon- I am sure he will get better before you leave and you can still play with him!

  2. I miss you are nice brother, carson. You don't have to wait until you come back to US, I have secret medicine, I can give Ian when you come back to Hangzhou, then you will play together happily again.... Hope you all the best !


  3. Carson,
    I loved reading your blog. You are a great writer, and putting down all your experiences is wonderful. It looks like you and Ian are getting along great. Have a fun time your last few days and we'll see you next week.
    Mrs. Stover